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Elk Mountain Ski Patrol
We designed our Patrol Products working with Patrollers from various mountains to ensure you have all the features you need. Features include radio pockets, reflective options, venting and more. Groups choose any color and embroidery or patches for orders of 100 or more. It’s a good idea to pre-order in the spring and reserve your size(s) and item(s) for delivery the following year. We have limited inventory after the advance group orders are shipped that we sell on a first come first serve basis.

Most items available for individual or small group purchase at our NEW Online Store, MOUNTAIN OUTERWEAR
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Rescue Jacket 
(Usually Available with or
without Crosses)
Patrol Jacket Long

Patrol Jacket Mid

Patrol Jacket Red Long

Rescue Vest
(Usually Available with or
without Crosses)
Patrol 10-20 Vest
Patrol Fleece
Isotherm Fleece
National Patrol Fleece
National Patrol Jacket
National Patrol Rescue Vest
007 Pant
008 Pant
009 Pant
Mountain Outerwear - Offical Mountain Uniforms Online Store
007 Pant
008 Pant w/Cargo Pockets
009 Pant w/removable full bib
Look for Red Softshell Jackets coming soon! *Pricing structure is determined by quantity, please call for details.
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