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Elk Mountain Ski Patrol

We design our Mountain Operations products to ensure you have all the features you need to be efficient and stay warm and dry. Features include radio pockets, reflective options, venting, and embroidery in production for larger orders. Choose any colors in any of our designs or build your own with orders of 100 or more.

Styles below include both custom items (50 piece minimum for color changes or embroidery) and in-line items, which are available for smaller groups or individual orders.

Visit our new online store Mountain Outerwear ( for overruns and in-line items. These are sold on a first come, first serve basis, so call early to reserve, or place your group order in the spring to ensure we will have what you want in the fall.

View Common Product Features
Radio Vest w/Zip-On Sleeves
Ops Jacket (Black)
Ops Jacket (Royal)
Radio Jacket w/Zip-on sleeves
Radio Vest

Ops Jacket Black

Ops Jacket Royal or Navy

Isotherm Fleece
Fleece Vest
Fusion Softshell Jacket
Isotherm Fleece
Fleece Vest


HMR Fusion
Fusion Jacket with matching softshell
009 Pant
008 Pant
007 Pant

Mt. Rose Fusion

009 Pant w/removable full bib
008 Pant w/Cargo Pockets
007 Pant
Snow Summit Pant
Technical Jumpsuit
Mountain Outerwear - Offical Mountain Uniforms Online Store

Summit Cargo Pant

Waterproof Technical Jumpsuit
(Available in Blue, Blue/Blk and Blk)
One of our most popular styles is the Isotherm, available in both mid and long lengths. It is a great stylish and functional jacket for lift ops, hosts, rangers, parking or other outside personnel. See Resort Progam examples for other styles and colors. And don't forget - fleece or softshell can be made to match your existing outer jacket. This is an item worn most often, is less money than the outer jacket and is a good long-term value.
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