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We believe that top-of-the-line fabric deserves the best construction. We use the best waterproof/breathable fabric and seal all seams, not just the critical ones. Our jackets and pants keep you dry and comfortable as you put them to the test every day. Whether it’s storm gear, utility vests, softshell, or fleece, we build functional outerwear specifically for your demands.

If you are in the market for winter clothing use this information to make an informed decision.
Custom Designs and Colors
Choose any colors in any of our designs with orders over 50 pieces or build your own with orders of 100 or more.

Industrial Quality Fabrics
We only produce uniforms. We realize outdoor employees are in their outerwear 180-days-a-year or more. They must stay comfortable. We ensure that our top-of-the-line items include waterproof and fade-resistant fabric, double-stitching, ALL seams sealed, and quality hardware. We use the fabric that is best suited for the specific job - whether you need your outerware more waterproof, more breathable, or more durable for your job, we make the most superb product for the industry.

Wholesale Prices
We are a full-service wholesaler working directly with the same factories as other well-known, extreme outwear manufacturers. Our streamlined operation, from factory, through us, directly to you, means that you save money. And, you have someone working with the factory on behalf of your specialized group.

Continuity Year After Year
Re-order the same design and color combination year-to-year-to-year…, and we will deliver. Uniforms are our business, and we realize it is important to uphold your company image. Other companies produce for the consumer. Their designs will change each year with no option to re-order a design you have already invested in.

  More than 25 Special Features
Get lots of specialized, functional features including nametag slots, embroidery in production, radio pockets, storm hoods, chin guards, zip vents with mesh and other professional-specific features are standard. View Features

  Our Products are… Built for the Industry.
The Ins and Outs Of Buying Uniforms
This article by Kim Stearns, of Mountain Uniforms, appeared in "Ski Area Management" Magazine. It will give you the edge on your next uniform project.

Comparing Apples To Apples

A list of questions you should ask anybody who is trying to sell you winter clothing.

How To Care For your Winter Clothing
Everything You need to know about maximizing the life of your purchase.

About Waterproof Breathable Entrant Fabric
Our recommendation for Waterproof Breathable fabric is Entrant Dermazax laminates (at 20,000 wp and 20,000 breathability ratings) but there are other options depending on your needs. Please call us, and we will make specific recommendations to make sure you get the ideal gear for your purpose.

Mountain Uniforms' Measurement/Size Information
Use this information to help you when selecting sizes for outerware.
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